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Life right now is somewhat of a challenge, however, getting dressed for work shouldn’t be. And yes, while working from home, you need to care about how you look! It’s a confidence builder!

Also, it’s a known fact that when you feel good, you articulate better and are more positive!

How to do this? Shop for minimalistic pieces (online or via curbside pickup, of course!). I love the slip on, one pieces right now! A beautiful caftan, slip dresses and linen shirt dresses are stylish Summer favorites.

They’re perfect for a video chat when you need to look good from the waist up too! Add a delicate gold or silver necklace, a pretty pearl bracelet and earrings to look finished.

Good to have on hand as well, is a gorgeous wrap or large scarf to drape over your shoulders for added color.

As for beauty, I take the opportunity at home to wear light makeup & lip color! Which is near impossible to keep on with a mask on!

Fun additions are on-trend headbands, turbans, barrettes and other hair accessories to keep you looking freshly updated too!

The whole idea is to use similar style and beauty routines that gave you confidence in public, prior to a global pandemic!

Melanie Woodroffe

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