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Miso White Wine Sauce
2 T Yellow Miso Paste

2 T Butter

1/2 C White Wine

salt/pepper to taste

I’ve been leaning on this recipe for pastas, fish and chicken. It’s got a warm, umami flavor profile, which has been soothing my soul during this crazy pandemic. I’ve gravitated to the kitchen because of the order and discipline required of cooking. With that said, you can play around with this recipe and come up with your own proportions (more miso, less butter – whatever suits you). It’s as much the method of making it as it is the taste that brings me joy.

As a sauce on its own, combine the miso and butter in a pan on medium high. Stir until mixed. Then turn it up to high and pour in the wine. Let it cook down to a thick sauce (scrape the backside of a wooden spoon across the pan and see a trail).

In a dish like pasta primavera, show here, or braised chicken, cook the ingredients in a pan until nearly done and then drop in the miso and butter, stir and then pour in the wine and cook the entire dish down.

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