Sustainability, the Wickstead Way

First, and as shared in the video, I am a forced extrovert that is completely uncomfortable being videoed and certainly videoing myself. I’ll do my best to offer a better production value over time (and definitely won’t video vertically again). But I promise solid advice and interesting content. 

The featured home is being built in the North Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia for my soon to be wife and our sons (1 each, 12 and 13). She is focussed on making it beautiful, I’m focussed on making it high performance. The result should be a pretty cool home. I’ll share the results upon completion. This is an article about the home in Builder Magazine

The link below is for the sheathing system with a built-in insulation layer that offers a thermal break. The system gives your entire home the same properties as a high end cooler. The result is a considerable leap in energy efficiency that, when combined with liquid flashing and properly installed high R-value insulation will reduce the overall size of the HVAC equipment. In my case, the load was reduced from 7 ton to 4 ton. That means a 43% reduction in heating and cooling costs (forever and from day 1). Now I will be in a situation where a solar array can produce 60% of the energy required to power the home. The overall ROI for the all-in strategy will be @7 years. 

Please note that I may share specific products from time to time. I wanted to stress that if I am ever paid to do so, that I’ll be completely transparent about it. My intent is to share the best-of-class materials and systems that you, as a homeowner, need to know about. 

Sheathing System: Huber R-Zip 

Please feel free to reach out with questions about anything in your built environment at Be sure to note STYLE SOUTH PLACES in the subject line. I’ll either respond directly or make your inquiry the focus of a future episode. 



An intro to Georgia Tech’s Kendeda Building, one of 15 buildings in the world that have met The Living Building Challenge. The Living Building Challenge is the pinnacle of green building certifications and focuses on buildings that “give” more than they “take”.


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